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Laugh it. Live it. Love it. NASCAR.

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New Young Guns Commercial [Apr. 14th, 2009|01:23 pm]
Laugh it. Live it. Love it. NASCAR.
 So recently, I've been seeing lots of the new Gillette Fusion/Young Guns commercial. Though I'm more of a Denny fan than Kyle, I'm still glad to see more JGR team members joining the ranks of the Young Guns and I dig the new commercial, which I've posted a video for at this link. It's kind of funny, even in the commercial Kyle plays the 'bad boy' pushing Denny off his seat. It's done jokingly obviously, but I thought that was a funny sidebit. Also, I really like the song that plays in the background. It's called "Sound the Alarm" by the aptly named band, Shapes of Race Cars....great driving music for sure. Anyway check it out and let me know what you think.